Golf Driver Heads
Drivers and Fairway Heads currently carries golf club heads from three manufacturers:

SMT Golf:  A mainstay in the sport of Long Drive with 6 World Long Drive titles to it's credits.  These Driver Heads are unique with  their lack of "score-lines" on the face.  According to Mike Tait, owner of SMT, this design is to maximize the area measured for C.O.R. (Coefficient of Restitution) to include the largest surface area of the clubface possible.  In short, you get a bigger "sweetspot" and, typically, a more forgiving club.  We are very pleased to carry a large selection of the SMT line.

MOI Golf:  Has come onto the Long Drive scene these past two seasons with much success.  The Intruder was the first  in the MOI line to claim it's position among the better Driver Heads making it's Remax WLDC Finals debut in 2007.  With the popularity of the gray/black imaging materials, MOI Golf has enhanced its portfolio with another top quality performance driver head in the MOI "Darkside 455".  Sure to be many of these heads at the 2008 World Finals.  Scott Chandler, Presisent of MOI Golf , is sure to be pleased with his companies performance this year.

Bang Golf:  Since its introduction into the component business in 2004, Bang Golf has delivered, with 6 World Long Drive Titles to its credits.  With a large variety of components and lofts to choose from, Bang Golf offers a selection for just about any type of golf game you may have!  More importantly, Bang Golf offers those components that will get you to the "next level" of  your own game!

Steelcitylongdriver:  Having hit each of these club heads in competition, it's going to be difficult for us to recommend one over the other.  We can say this; as good as these components are in the hands of skilled Long Drive competitors, they are at least that good in the hands of the rest of us, whether a skilled amateur, touring pro, or weekend golfer. ONE WORD: