T-3 Graphite Golf Shafts
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FineOne T-3 Golf Shafts

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 T-3 Graphite Golf Shafts The longest hitting, most forgiving graphite golf shafts ever produced!  Great feel, great trajectory, better distance, and more accurate tee shots!

In only the Third year at World's, the T-3 golf shaft WINS a 2010 World Long Drive Title and takes 4th in 2011!

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T-3 Driver Shafts/Ultra Lite
T-3 Driver Shafts/Ultra Lite
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T-3 Golf Shafts/Standard weight
T-3 Golf Shafts/Standard weight
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T-3 Golf Shafts/ Long Drive
T-3 Golf Shafts/ Strong Swingers
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   T-3 SCLD Black Pearl LD shaft
T-3 SCLD Black Pearl LD shaft
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  T-3 Success at Regionals
  MOI and T-3 Go Deep at Region 2 Finals! Aug 31, 2010

www.steelcitylongdriver.com is currently the exclusive supplier of the T-3 Golf Shafts in the United States.  After a tremendous showing at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FLA., Steel City Long Driver, Kevin Wolfe, is accepting inquiries from prospective dealers, distributors, and OEM's.  Special pricing may be available to these entities.

Long Drivers: call, or, e-mail us concerning LD versions of this shaft!

During the Summer and Fall of 2009, the Steel City Long Drive Team had the opportunity to test and evaluate the performance characteristics of the most innovative golf shaft design of the 21st Century!  The unique "Bamboo" design from the Fine One Golf Co. is the first thing one notices when evaluating this shaft.  It is not "stepped" like a typical steel shaft, but, rather segmented in order to act like a series of levers that absolutely explode the head into the impact zone!  For price comparison, visit www.steelcitylongdriver.com/pricecomparison.html.

The segmented golf shafts are designed to store the energy of the back swing, and as the downswing commences, releases the energy stored into a series of energy transferring levers.  As the speed of the downswing increases, the energy is transferred from one segment, to another, in succession, and with almost zero distortion of the shaft!  This shaft works because of it's unique design.  As there are three basic torsions to each golf shaft during the golf swing, the innovative design team, using "bamboo" technology, has found a way to virtually eliminate 1 of these torsions!  The result...Addition by Subtraction!  By eliminating one of the 3 torsions at impact ( the  "ovaling" of the shaft at impact is virtually eliminated), T-3 golf shafts create a more exacting and powerful delivery of the golf club head to the golf ball.  Twisting of the club head at impact is greatly reduced!

What does this mean to you? The longest and most accurate golf shots you have ever hit!

Kevin Wolfe, owner of  Wolfes Den Enterprises, www.steelcitylongdriver.com, and the Steel City Long Drive Golf Team has been one of the premier distributors of Long Drive caliber golf equipment, for everyday play.  During that time he has recommended several products for promotion on the website www.steelcitylongdriver.com.  Kevin is not paid by companies to promote their products, in fact, Kevin purchases,for his own evaluation, each product that he recommends on his website.  He has no affiliation to promote any product he deems "unworthy" of recommendation. 

"In my opinion, the T-3 Graphite Golf Shafts have, with out question, the most results driven technology ever seen in a game improving graphite golf shaft.  And the "game" I speak of is for anyone  looking to increase the accuracy and distance of the golf shots they hit!" Quote, Kevin Wolfe.

The T-3 technology is available for Irons, Hybrids, Fairway Woods, and Drivers.  If any part of your game is in need of more accuracy  while hitting it further (yes! that includes you, too, PGA Tour players!), acquiring this shaft is a "no brainer." 

Testing of the T-3 continues with club heads from MOI, SMT, BANG, KRANK , and ADAMS. The first batch of iron shafts are due in around June 1, 2010.  Two sets of MOI Intruder irons will be fitted with the  T-3 iron shafts.  Promotion of these sets will be soon to follow.  In terms of selling the iron shaft, we will have limited stock of individual shafts for sale.  90% of iron shaft sales will be as a set ( 3-PW).

We are getting rave reviews from our customers concerning the T-3 in our custom made Drivers.  Great feel, better trajectory, and, of course, unbelievable accuracy!

The funny thing about these shafts is that they were not intended for use by Long Drivers, however, what Long Driver do you know doesn't want to hit the ball further and more accurate?!  Heck!  Who do you know playing golf that would not want to hit it further or more accurate?! Anybody??? Didn't think so!

SteelCityLongDriver.com will be using this shaft in the development of the longest hitting, most accurate custom made drivers you can buy.  These products will be posted on this website in the coming weeks!  Longer, more accurate Drives coming to YOU!!!

Coming to us in February 2010!

For more information, contact Kevin Wolfe at info@steelcitylongdriver.com, or, 724-516-5947.

View us in action at the 2009 World Long Drive Championships...www.steelcitylongdriver.com/long_drive_team.html  The shaft is a T-3 model# W7-090-07, the head is a Vulcan Caldera 8*, the grip is custom Steel City Long Driver Tour Velvet, Custom Steel City Long Driver Golf Glove, SteelCityLongDriver Hat.

To learn more about the development of the FineOne T-3 shaft, Visit:  www.fineonegolf.com.