"Loud and Proud"

Bang-o-matic 460cc Driver Head
Bang-o-matic 460cc Driver Head



NEW PRODUCT  LINE  to the SteelCityLongDriver line of exceptional Long Drive caliber golf equipment for everyday play!

BANG GOLF, based in El Monte, California has joined SMT, MOI, as recommended products from

As with all of the products listed on this website, the products from BANG that will be listed will have been tested for performance, durability, cost effectiveness, and playability.  In keeping with our promise to promote only top quality Long Drive caliber golf equipment, for everyday play, we are pleased to announce the addition of several of the quality products from BANG GOLF!

From Ron Nakagawa, CEO BANG GOLF Inc.,

         "We at Bang Golf are passionate about our pursuit to improve our products and YOUR GOLF GAME!... Bang Golf is the only company that can offer you the science and technology that holds the World Record long drive distance of 539 yards!"

       "... As every Bang golfer knows, Bang Golf not only provides the highest quality equipment to the golf professionals and amateurs: we provide a wide variety of loft degrees from 2* to 20* drivers... for both right and left handed players."

      "...Bang Golf's R&D team has finalized the Flow Alignment Shaft Technology (FAST) shaft using new science and technology, and new graphite material from which many Banf golfers shall benefit to greater achievements. ... in addition to our Long Drive heritage, we are proud to offer our 99 year limited warranty on all Bang St539 club heads as well as other Bang Golf Heads (with proof of purchase)."

   The addition of Bang Golf to our product line gives our customers another top quality, Long Drive caliber, option when deciding what type of   weapon to choose!  The style  of the Bang-o-matic line of driver heads is unmistakeable, but, more important , the performance characteristics of this line is sensational!